The act of home buying has taken hits over the years with mortgage crises and economic downfalls, but it seems that home ownership is on the rise. Recently, the cost of rent has been increasing, but the cost of buying a home is falling. This suggests that buying a home may be the better option if the owner is capable and willing to properly manage their property.

If the economic shift isn’t reason enough, below are a few additional benefits to buying a property rather than renting.

Your Space

When renting, you are severely limited with what you are able to do to the space you occupy. No matter how much you’d like to renovate the space or redesign the aesthetic, you likely will not be permitted based on the agreements you’ve made with your landlord. If you buy your own home, you are free to redecorate and remodel as much as you want without risking financial or legal repercussions. Owning your home means you have the liberty to adjust your space to your needs as long as you are financially and structurally conscious. You are not forced to conform to your space, but rather you can adapt your home to conform to your desires and design.


Maintenance is the responsibility of a landlord if you are renting, but that is a lackluster perk. Rather than submit to the guidelines and inflated rent costs of a property overseer, owning your home means you are directly responsible for financial and maintenance costs, rather than needing to go through a middleman. Also, without a landlord, there is no risk of sudden eviction and forced relocation; a landlord can decide to sell their property on a whim and give their tenants little notice, but with your own property, there is no cause for concern.

Monetary Incentive

Though the prospect of buying a house may seem daunting because of the overall price, there are a number of opportunities and privileges that make the cost worthwhile. If you take good care of your home and conduct necessary maintenance and repairs, the value of the property will increase and gain equity over time. In some ways, buying a house and caring for it is an investment, one with an almost certain payout provided you manage the property well.

Owning a home also means you are eligible for a number of tax deductions. As opposed to renting a property, owning a home means you can deduct mortgage interest payments as well as some expenses like energy-saving initiatives.

Predictable Payments

Unlike with rental properties, owning a home means your monthly payment will remain constant no matter what happens in the market. Agreeing to a fixed mortgage payment will ensure that inflation will never cause your payment to increase, which is not the case when you are renting a property. With a consistent payment, you are able to budget and manage your finances more easily over a longer period of time.

Buying a home is a big commitment, but the endeavor hosts a number of worthwhile benefits. Though renting properties has become more popular in recent years, consider the privileges and rewards of buying a property before making that decision.